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Wood Pellets for Animal Bedding and Litter trays

Based in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, we manufacture, produce and retail high quality wood pellets from ‘A’ grade recycled wood, sourced in and around our site to ensure our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.


Wood pellets are the ideal solution for use as bedding for your horses. They are extremely absorbent, hygienic, and also provide time and cost savings. During the manufacturing process the pellets are heated to a very high temperature which kills off the majority of bacteria.  Our wood pellets are produced in our own pellet pressing plant, which keeps the dust content to a minimum which is beneficial from a respiratory point of view. Once activated, by sprinkling with water, the pellets provide a cost effective bed which is easy to maintain. You can make the stable up with 10 to 12 bags to start. To activate the pellets just slit the bag open on the stable floor and pour about a half a bucket of water into each bag, go and have a cuppa for half an hour, then tip it all out and make a nice flat bed. The activated pellets can then be banked up along the back wall. From then on it is easy to remove the droppings, any wet stuff drains to the bottom and goes solid. Wet patches are easily identified, removed without having to take the whole bed apart, which reduces mucking-out time, and can be replace quickly with another bag of pellets if required. Finally, once cleaned out from the stable, wood pellets produce a much smaller and manageable muck pile.

Furthermore, our pellets are perfect to be used in small animal litter trays, their high absorption levels and minimal dust content ensure 

Our pellets can be supplied in bulk bags, as a full pallet of 60 15 Kg bags, half pallets of 30 bags or individual bags if required.

Contact us for pricing and delivery options.

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For all enquiries phone:

Rhodri  07973 387197

Dafi      07894 613712

Rosedew Farm
Llantwit Major
CF61 1PZ

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